emotionally intelligent perceptions with ‘art’

I have been working on the new website that won’t go live for ages. But I wanted to share this. This piece of art is ceramic. It is a skull (obviously). I love bones, we are mortally (eventually) our bones. I also have some human skull artwork too. It is true – art should take […]

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bridge — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

Yes. Another bridge. Sometimes, people ask me about photography. I always say store what you see as a memory and don’t do it to please others. It’s free. All art is free. Just do what the fuck you want with it. Same as music. Same as putting napkins on a table. No rules. Just do […] […]

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‘little nook’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Originally posted on Tiffany Belle Harper Digital Art:
When we slow down we see the most beautiful little spaces. TBH©

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