How to Object to Bristol Airport Expansion – Guest Blog

Originally posted on BAAN:
Do you want to write a knock-out objection to Bristol Airport expansion but aren’t sure what to say? Then read on, as we have assembled here some of the most impactful arguments against Bristol Airport’s plans. Below you will find 7 key arguments that you can use in your objection. Of…

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Forgive Yourself and Change – Let Magic come Organically

For most of my existence I have been hugely free spirited, subsequently … when I faced a five year lease I initially felt imprisoned and shocked, yet somehow elated, as I love being by the sea and this street is just so entirely quirky … I fitted in by not fitting in, we are all […]

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The Cheeky Ones having Fun on Bin Day – Seagulls by Tiffany Belle Harper,

Look at these beautiful creatures. Each has their own personality. They soar across the skies hunting in packs for food. They share their discoveries. They call one another to eat our waste. Observe how some of these bin liners have been thrown out for the bin people in flimsy bags. Seagulls really do believe they […]

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