The Joy Journal is so Healing by Tiffany Belle Harper

I enjoy Instagram when I want to find something or to see what those I care for are up to, because it’s comparatively positive compared to other media platforms that are causing a lot of hysteria not to mention algorithms and fake news. There are some vulnerable people out there living in the horrors and […]

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Forgive Yourself and Change – Let Magic come Organically

The only other place I have experienced such energy is The Tor at Glastonbury after climbing to the top many moons ago. It is said The Tor will show us who we really are and on my arrival to the peak of the hill after a slow and very muddy ramble, I felt great peace […]

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Flowers and Nature – Space and Freedom – July 2020

Sometimes we do need to switch off and find our root source. That can be a beach or a park, a balcony with terrace pots, a river, stream, a puddle of ‘sea water’ or just a pile of soil. Yes, sometimes – we do just need peace to connect with Gaia. Not so often we […]

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