Say ‘Doodle Day’

Sometimes when we feel helpless with just wanting a day off. Do it. To stop worrying about commitments and obligations and just Doodle. Feel our own art and crafts without guilt or regret. You can make posters with vectors, pics, quotes and put them around the place. It’s not an expensive hobby and will make […]

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An Empath Loves for Worry

A few close friends this week have had things go wrong in one way or another. Being an empath means never feeling totally happy about life, because there is always someone worse off. My most loved ones are indeed empaths. I want to send love to Janet (a wonderful part of my heart) and to […]

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It will all be alright – I am here. Keep it personal. Keep it together. Go and rest.

Losing a friend is heart-breaking. We realise we can no longer hug them or look into their eyes – smell their perfume or aftershave. We can no longer do what we were so familiar with. But we must know, life to the soul journey is purely transitional – love never dies. In fact – it […]

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