Mess and Mood by Tiffany Belle Harper

Sunday always has such a personal vibe about it. And I decided to let go of all that has no value to me. Unfortunately, most things that did, have since been stolen from my flat in Blackpool. For months it broke my heart how anyone could do this to me – but you either get […]

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Get up – Get Dressed – be Thankful – Smile

Coming out of a complete lock down – time where we have our own self to contemplate … and then returning to work is not easy, especially when you run your own business. To be positive on social media, take care of guests and sort out all the financials is like juggling raw eggs. The […]

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You Must Shine #Video for all of you by Tiffany Belle Harper – Warmest wishes for a New Year!

Those that have been around me online, via my workshops, friends and family (and new friends on WordPress), you may know I love to make little videos to inspire. Here’s something I created for you with the posters and words people have sent to me during 2015 to add to projects. I sincerely wish you […]

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