setting up small biz – support – friendship

We are going in literally ten minutes for our daily exercise so this is rushed but if I don’t write it now I won’t bother later. Setting up a small biz for the future in this current ‘climate’ is terrifying on all levels. It is fine for those who are financially stable to give a […]

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Thanks to Janet Alleyne for this lovely poster. There are those that are used to being in the real world and we are now stuck in media and e-commerce. It’s like a prison but we can get through this. I have so many friends who have small businesses – we have to suffer whilst the […]

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Good Luck to Samantha with her new project – really enjoyed giving you a Playlist. Tiff :)

SORRY MY PC IS GETTING LOAD OF HITS AND THE SERVER IS GOING ON AND OFF.  A friend’s asked me to help with a playlist for a new venue she’s hoping will eventually open. I think anyone away from e-commerce will be feeling the strain – I know I am itching to get all my […]

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