paying hackers to target an innocent individual is such a horrid thing

It’s been such a bleak winter. Nursing my rescue kitty for weeks to some kind of good health where he can enjoy his new life. It drained me as I was not great myself. I sat up all night with him for so long to help him breath. I really thought he would not survive but at least if I lost Billy, he knew the world is not such a cruel place. Fortunately, he is now a healthy, loved, and happy cat. My main aim for the colder months, to help my family in ways I am able. We all have our responsibilities. But this winter has been awful.

My mobile and laptop have been hacked. I am not sleeping and I wonder how or why any person could find the time to spy on me, since my real life is very dull and quiet. It’s turned my entire existence into a private stage show for a cowardly person who clearly has too much time on their hands and it’s cruel.

I have had such loving support from people who are aware of the ongoing problem but it still does not help me to feel any kind of quality of life. What hurts most is that I am not jealous or overly interested in anybody’s activities enough to want to destroy their lives. I stick with my bucket list and sense of freedom. The ability to implement spyware is so easy nowadays and I wonder how many people are also affected by it. Sometimes, it’s better not to know as to avoid the over-thinking and depressed state it can bring to the target.

When you change your mobile number, a hacker still has a back entrance into your phone. And cyber hacking is so advanced, you can get into anything if you can afford to pay for it. It’s the cruelest form of hunting there is.

All I can say to any stalker is not everyone is going to like you or want you around. So be kind in life and let the fanatical patterns go to find a better future, less the ill intentions. Life’s too short anyway. Bringing misery has nothing to feel proud about.

Currently, there are no specially trained units to detect and protect the victims of stalking. Statistics reveal, only 1 in 6 women who are being stalked or harassed, go on to report it to the police. This maybe due to lack of evidence and/or fear of making it worse. Together with the fact, the police are not trained in such matters. And unlike many stalkers who pay for spying and sabotage, the victim will not have the financial freedom to recruit help such as a lawyer who is trained in phycology and criminal behaviour. Also, being stalked is so very draining, the last thing any victim wants to do is scrutinise all their own activities, to see where they are being pursued, both on and offline. At home, in the workplace and when out and about.

The best solution is to try and lead a normal life, in hope the stalker will become bored and just move on (hopefully not to stalk anyone else.) As dealing with a stalker’s habit, is inadvertently giving them the attention they seek. It is an awful predicament for any person being intimidated by such cowardly acts of attention seeking, when there is nothing to be gained by spying on innocent people. And that includes the friends and family of the victim, in order to obtain information and whereabouts of the target. Thus making it hard for any person who is victim to stalking, to escape from it.

And we must remember that a stalker is in belief they are a part of the targets routine, and even their lifestyle, despite the fact they are not ever going to be by natural choice. Such acts are an extreme form of denial and a ‘fantasy world’ lead by the abuser. They may infiltrate sites like WhatsApp, read emails, texts and listen in on phone calls.

I believe the UK needs specific mental health facilities for stalkers and abusers, which address such matters in order to avoid harm and further invasion to victims, both now and in the future.. Innocent victims whose freedom and liberal rights are at risk, in what we are lead to believe is a democratic society.

The selling of spyware over the internet for stalkers, is currently not a prosecutable crime. But the max sentence for a convicted stalker is up to 10 years. One should not feed the other. It begs to question just how many public places with private areas have hidden spyware? A pinhole camera for instance, is so small, it can be inserted inside of a screw head and turned off when magnetic equipment is used to detect the camera. In other words, a hidden lens can be impossible to detect?

Hackers are not bad people. They provide a service and like any other occupation, it is how their clients recruit such skills. Hacking in turn can protect us and save lives. It is so damning that technology can be used to the detriment of those who simply want to enjoy their lives and wish no harm to others. Would a hacker be pleased to find out another man is watching his wife and has pinhole cameras looking in to all his rooms?

Often a stalker will recruit a second or third party to carry out their surveillance. Terrifying to think that complete strangers to the target, have been paid for their time to invade someone’s privacy. The plus side is most surveillance companies are diligent, where they must appear to comply with the law and many do not realise (or prefer not to know) they are simply a stalking aid to their paying client (stalker.) It is disguised with topics such as ‘find out if your wife is cheating.’ When in actual fact most targets are not or never have been involved with the stalker. We live in a dangerously invasive world like this?

If you too are suffering the same, keep a journal and tell those who love you. Don’t be silenced. And never negotiate with a stalker. Please see previous posts scattered around here. Try to make the most of each day and do not live in fear.

Tiff. Xx

As a british citizen I call upon the UK government to stand for victims of stalking, abuse and intimidation. To address our basic rights to privacy at home and in the work place.

I call upon The British Government across all parties to unite in tougher laws against common stalking. Where every claim of a stalking offence is fully investigated, regardless of how unlikely that claim may initially seem. To include the use of hidden spy cameras, phone hacking, car and GPS trackers, web and Alexa sabotage, allowing a coward to operate anywhere in the world using portable magnetic, web and radio spyware.

Stalking is a violation of basic human rights that can destroy lives. It imprisons the victims and removes their right to privacy. We must bring maximum penalties and full exposure and a register to name and shame stalkers. Stalking is the highest form of cowardice and can in many cases, result in physical harm to the victim. Stalkers are of the belief they can take the privacy of another without their permission. It is psychological abuse and mental torture. No person should feel invaded or imprisoned in their personal space, at work or any vicinity.

People are being traced online as home workers to find their precise locations and pursued across social accounts, regardless of the blocking facilities, thus denied their basic rights to earn an income or lead normal lives. And a stalker may observe family, friends and routines to establish the whereabouts of the sufferer.

The UK will not be a free society until stalking is taken seriously and addressed on every level, to catch the sick mind of a coward and bring the Peeping Tom to justice in a court of law. As such, stalkers are mentally sick and a danger to society. A stalker lives in denial and when this person has too much time and money on their hands, it may become a spiralling, endless obsession. Stalkers are dangerous to themselves, their mindset – but most of all the innocent sufferers. And many stalkers appear to lead normal lives, little beknown to those around them the horror they cause in their ‘other’ world of jealousy and self-dissatisfaction. Stalkers are unhappy and morose in their thought patterns – taking pleasure from the sense of control and bad intention firmly rooted within them.

A stalker may be reluctant to seek help or any form of counselling for their disorder, believing it is all the fault of the victim and probably everything else they cannot control. A stalker is delusional and dangerous in need of attention by any means. A stalker in many cases will live by mood swings (peaks and troughs) with addictions to enhance self-confidence. Making
the wrong decisions under the influence of mind alerting substances, alcohol (not limited to but) being the most common.

A stalker will have a perpetual need for any means of attention, praise or credit, finding it hard to obtain any sense of spiritual awareness or self-peace. They may be reluctant to engage in sport or group activities, where they are unable to control the outcome. The thought of losing or not being in control of any situation is their downfall, as in turn they are unable to live in a real world of day-to-day life experiences, for which most of us deal with as part of  our routines – and this may include parenthood, charity and/or community work in the real world and healthy, happy relationships of equal measures. Where both parties can connect with society on every level, with respect.

A stalker will be insecure and see most situations as ‘rivalry’ or an ‘obstacle.’ They have a fear of not winning or being out shone. Preferring to remain stuck in their own minds with a belief of having to appear greater or better. In turn the stalker may take pleasure in causing further anguish to the victim for any of their own shortfalls, as this is easier than acquiring self-help or an acceptance of their psychotic patterns to intimidate, belittle or bully those who are not able (or reluctant) to fight back. The stalker not having the inner strength to take responsibility for his/her lack of fulfilment, thus choosing obsession and control as an alternative. In turn the stalker becoming stuck in dated views and opinions with the belief they are always right and already know everything (ignorance and self-denial being significant.) And the concerning thing about stalking is because they remain stuck in their own cycle of opinion, they can go on to stalk their victims throughout their life, with
no means to end their cruel indulgences. Or worst still instigate physical harm to the victim.

The stalkers sense of power outweighs any kind of common logic, empathy or acceptance of the harm they ‘will’ on their fixations. And the abuser will take pride in shaming others, in order to shed responsibility for their own ill deeds. Many playground bullies go on to stalk, bully and/or abuse the seemingly vulnerable. Or perpetrators who were bullied during their younger years may go on to enjoy intimidating others in later life, perhaps due to not forgiving or letting go of their own ‘earlier’ life experiences. Either way, these patterns can never be acceptable in a modern, evolving society.

Is ‘stalking’ and ‘intimidation’ what you want for your loved ones? To allow the susceptible and in cases, associated loved ones to be held to hostage in their own homes, and places of work without a voice? I call for immediate action to end phycological baiting and illegal stalking and give all sufferers the protection and assurance they deserve and the right to live in a free society. And for those enlisted to carry out such acts of embedding tracking devices and pin
hole software (for example) to be prosecuted alongside the instigator.

To be a bystander is to play a part in the horrific circumstances inflicted upon those who are at risk. A stalker will target a person he believes to be alone or isolated, because a stalker is a coward and unable to accept, he/she is never going to be a part of the victim’s aspirations or future plans. They refuse to accept this or to live in their own alignments. Bringing misery and desperation to the target. Stalking is hard line abuse.

I hope this blog can help at least one person to get past unnecessary hardship and provocation. Furthermore, I have written a ‘self-help’ book with plenty of practical advice about this topic. Showing factual cases of sublime threats, locations, personal details and information from a stalker who uses phycological techniques, numerical and detailed references to real time personal events, coinciding with dates and synchronicities as a result of technical intrusion. It is a systematical diary and reference for those who seek support. This is a book that is now with an educated friend, agent and editor for whom I have known for many years and has followed such events in detail with this particular subject and field. Also, how to track various forms of spyware, then associate it to the origin for further ongoing long-term law enforcement and
media investigation.

On a much brighter note, sleep well, all. Most people are just lovely and there’s so much to live for. Remember most real people have busy lives and plenty to do in their own worlds. We are all building life’s tapestry, one way or another. Only a very small minority object to that. We choose who we want around us. And no person has any right to take our freedom.

Confide. Walk Tall. It’s not your fault this is happening to you and most importantly to those who suffer at the hands of abuse or intimidation, as a wise friend who has since passed, once told me, we are stronger together. We are survivors and things can get better. Speak with loved ones and never confront or agree to negotiate any kind of resolve with a prowler/abuser. They will use this to gain your awareness, causing further harm.

Tiff. X