Ant People – City People by Tiffany Belle Harper #Birmingham #Selfridges #GrandCentral

So many people in dark colours – like busy ants –  yet going nowhere.


Grand Central – Birmingham – UK

On phones, drinking coffee, dashing for trains – vacant looks upon their faces …

Children in buggies – asleep with the hum – or eyes open, staring at signs and posters.

Where’s ‘Mother Nature’ in cities for their young. Do they know?

Oh, and escalators make ants fat on fast pastries & pretzels …

Where are the stairs … do they care?


Grand Central Birmingham – UK

The sun looks beautiful today but most seem oblivious. They look down or forward, seldom up …

I stop for coffee, noticing 3 men, huddled, cosy, engaged in conversation. A rainbow coloured umbrella lies on the floor near to one of them. He wears matching ‘multi-coloured’ socks that contrast vividly against his dark grey suit.

‘I bet they’re in the community,’ I thought …’Slower than most of the others, more depth – butterflies not ants.’

I’m the fly on the wall. I hear your tales. I see your souls, but you don’t notice. I like that. Real artists sneak without ego … There’s no skill with ‘that’ or greed and ants need to learn this more often.

(extract from my book.)


Selfridges – The Bullring – UK

Tiffany Belle Harper.