The Joy Journal is so Healing

I enjoy instagram when I want to find something or to see what those I care for are up to, because it’s comparatively positive compared to other media platforms that are causing a lot of hysteria not to mention algorithms and fake news. There are some vulnerable people out there living in the horrors and […]

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The Nester – St Chad’s Road – Blackpool

Well apart from falling in and out of my other work, trying to run a bed and breakfast (with not much experience.) Nursing a bug (I caught from my son when he visited last month), not helped by my exposure to authentic Victorian dust at The Nester.) Together with watching old movies on you tube, […]

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Support Independent Business

I just think it is so important to support smaller businesses. I’ve really made an effort to think before I buy. Even paying a few more pennies to buy fruit and veg from a local grocer or fresh bread from the bakery. When we pay into big franchises and chains it is lost money, often […]

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