A day of clarity. Set love free to expand and heal with only truth. Be with your loved ones in complete spirit on this Earth. To those who pass with fear let there be justice for you and rest in peace. Namaste to All. Tiffany. X

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outward and internal light – new life walks with us – greet our strangers 4.44

I love to write in the mornings. I attracted some negative energy this week. Well, I did not attract it, I picked it up. Like a bug we can pick up a virus of ill intent but these tests help us work on forgiveness and clarity – to learn how to be rid of ignorance. […]

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The Linestrider #Tarot – #Review by Tiffany Belle Harper

Earlier this week I treated myself to The Linestrider Tarot via Amazon. As a tarot lover I enjoy changing my deck periodically as ‘I find’ it helps to rejuvenate tired patterns. Something about the illustrations compelled me to choose this pack of cards. I’m not disappointed. They’re just stunning. So feminine … delicate yet precise, […]

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