The River Thames #London #Photography by Tiffany Belle Harper

Originally posted on Tiffany Belle Harper Design and Crafts:
I enjoy London a great deal. It’s so whimsical. An eclectic myriad of architecture, people and energy. Tiffany Belle Harper ©

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Burj Khalifa – ‘Dubai Sky Views’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Fine Art Urban Photography. Dubai is certainly a place to visit for it’s artwork and culture. These are views from tallest building in world ‘Burj Khalifa.’ It’s simply beautiful. #MyBurjKhalifa,

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Couch Surfing by Tiffany Belle Harper

My friend Lynette Robinson went couch surfing during which time she wrote an adventurously insightful book about her travels. I will put it on here soon. Currently not to hand and I want to ensure I get the name right!  Travelling this way is worth consideration provided you are  ‘street savvy’ , or prepared to learn how […]

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