Goodbye Matlock and my new book!

It’s been such a  joy to spend time in this ever so ‘quirky – chintz’ barn, doing nothing else but write – discover the area and local community. If you ever want to find a wonderful part of the UK to explore that has such friendly, down to earth locals with lots of things to do and see – try to visit Matlock in Derbyshire. You won’t be disappointed! And Matlock Bath is beautiful. All of this within the Peak District – Wow! There’s lots more about my adventures in my new book!

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comfy clothes and noodles in a village by Tiffany Belle Harper

I am finding more and more public houses in the UK, where they sub-let their restaurants to offer multi-cultural cuisine. There are chinese and indian outlets (for instance) offering food to eat in and take-away and I think it’s a fantastic idea. It creates revenue, whilst offering variety at the same time. It’s right for all cultures to ‘mix up,’ that’s what life’s all about. TBH©