June #diary

I have been pretty exhausted. More mental tiredness than physical – but not in a harmful way. A year ago I never imagined things would be like this today. We need to know that life can change in any direction pretty quickly. My life is currently chaotic. I do not have my own kitchen or […]

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Blackpool #diary

Since June the 13th (my birthday) I have been working very hard on my darling new project in Blackpool. I have felt elated, as everything I love to do has been in one place. Nesting, baking, meeting unconventional people. It has not been easy as you sort of give your time away as you live […]

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bit of Leeds – West Yorkshire

Roundhay Park in Leeds – West Yorkshire is such a beautiful place of natural charm. It’s a great area to visit. There’s a strip of restaurants in Roundhay – all with outdoor seating/terraces. Much of Yorkshire is full of leafy suburbs. Leeds is a multi-cultural city and everyone gets on. There’s such a good vibe […]

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