Mannequins and Wax at Belleva

I have a fear of deadlines. Years ago, I used to design, sell and hire out mannequins. They were not the easiest things to package and deliver. Human size. A little like working in a morgue but within the fashion sector. I had to ensure the mannequins were delivered to venues, then dressed accordingly and […]

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Women in Business, 1870 BC — Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog

Photo via the Met This caravan account is recorded on a cuneiform tablet from the ancient city of Kanesh. Sometimes we forget that the way things have been in recent years — or even recent centuries — are not the way things always have been. For example, we imagine women have come a long way […] […]

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The Nester – St Chad’s Road – Blackpool

Well apart from falling in and out of my other work, trying to run a bed and breakfast (with not much experience.) Nursing a bug (I caught from my son when he visited last month), not helped by my exposure to authentic Victorian dust at The Nester.) Together with watching old movies on you tube, […]

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