therapeutic melts and pots – cedar wood and spearmint

So today we pottered and I got to make a new line of wax melts, that’s a while over due. There’s been quite a lot going on … I have to be in the mood to craft and it’s usually when I should be doing 100 other things. I really want to throw myself into this new hobby but I do have other stuff going on, so it’s a bit of a juggling act.

I used a different soya wax today, it’s much softer and reached 90 degrees faster that I expected – got up to about 110 – way too high. I actually had to cool it down to 90 degrees quite quickly by adding more wax flakes to ensure it set right. Then I added a secret amount of cedar wood and spearmint. Spearmint can be over bearing if used to liberally. The colouring is plant based. Each little pot has a scattering of crystal shavings and a sprinkle of eco glitter, so when they begin to melt the magic stuff at the bottom of each little pot becomes visible.

Then I crafted some divine little melts using the rubber moulds. The texture was so soft I have actually tried the finished product as lip gloss and it works. Tastes fine and smells beautiful – soft pink with a shimmer of glitter. As all ingredients are 100% natural, I felt confident to do this, as there is only a small amount of essential oil in each melt. I will return to show you one of the little pots melting but first I do prefer to let them settle for a couple of weeks. To let the oils contrast to perfection with the soya. Feeling chuffed. Who wouldn’t be.

These really are for gifts and work but I would sell them in quantities of over 100 to business and personal, as then each batch is consistent and each melt would smell the same. Each batch is unique. If you want some fine. You would be welcome to retail them too. I can make various melts for different moods and ambience around the home and also to promote well being and mental state.


Tiff. X

am empath loves for worry

A few close friends this week have had things go wrong in one way or another. Being an empath means never feeling totally happy about life, because there is always someone worse off. My most loved ones are indeed empaths. I want to send love to Janet (a wonderful part of my heart) and to another friend whose doggy lost its only born puppy at the weekend. To my mum who has an abscess on her back that has to be re-dressed and packed with seaweed every other day. She nurses my dad too. He gets up and digs the garden, despite falling over on a regular basis. I worry for my kids. I want them to have a good future.

Yesterday a gentlemen should have come here to collect a pile of things I put together for his forthcoming home – he’s homeless. He didn’t turn up and you have to make allowances as the road to recovery has many set-backs. We cannot push people to make decisions. Every journey is unique.

Today I drove past Amazing Graze and he was sat on the doorstep. After a brief conversation it transpired he could not get a lift to pick up the keys to his new home. I took him to the agents to collect them. We then returned to my place to get his parcels I had prepared, such like bedding, towels, plates, a teapot etc … ahead of making our way to his new home. It was a first floor studio in an old neglected, dirty building.

The place was left filthy and it smelt stagnant. The busiest part of town – a one way street near to a chaotic junction. But to me it was beautiful. It was a roof with walls – just needing a clean, some TLC. It bought back memories, though not good ones – I told the man, ‘great things come when we are faced with challenges.’ ‘To not fear change or new beginnings.’

I don’t enjoy blogging here anymore – it takes a lot of courage – where as I used to be nomadic – I now prefer ‘private’ with my lifestyle as in my real world there’s adventure, the seaside and friendship, to include a baby seagull. There’s never any peace. Such is life. We’re a long time dead. Embrace each day and don’t fear change. For it is change that will teach you much. Tiff. X


bedding and towels please

My writing is not good these days. My head knows what it wants to say but my fingers are on their own journey. Probably because 99% of what I do is active help and support. I just want to say to people who live nearby or who I visit, please do not throw away clean bedding and towels. If you drop in I will explain why. Soon I will be creating bundles. Every clean item helps someone else. Storage is a problem at the moment but I am working on it. Had a few personal problems to do with noise, swearing and my personal stuff being thrown everywhere by separate incidents – haven’t had time to deal with it but will be. People are people – you just have to let them get it out their system then hopefully they move on to the next issue. Guests been so lovely. All of them. Blessed. Missing my kids. Want to thank Danielle for being a rock. We all have our little ups and downs but my true friends know me and how I work and I love them for it. The people I want in my life are in it already. It’s enough for me. Made good friends on this street with many hard working, humble people who just get on with it. Feeling blessed. Perhaps a different story ahead with another project – be ready for change. We shall see. Less is More. Hello and Goodbye for now. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be focused on your own potential. We all have our troubles so get over it. Tiff. X

Looking for clean/freshly washed:

Duvets (double)

Fitted Sheets and pillow cases (double)

Mattress and pillow protectors


Kitchen utensils.

If you could hang on to them until I bring more news, would be welcome. Drop in any time for more info.

non faith humans

Your ideal worlds may be in your head. Because if the entire human population became ‘authentically and truly’ vegan, beyond ‘the predominantly ‘champagne socialists’ we would all be only benefiting from man made goods. In ‘man’ I refer to ‘human’ as not to offend theĀ  many minorities. The idealogy that being vegan helps animals, is not as useful as sustaining the completely natural food chain – as after all – the rest of other species are a blend between carnivore and herbivore. Dignity in purpose and respect for sacrifice without unnecessary suffering. It is all about ‘common sense’ not perfectly decise grammar due to spending and escaping times most precious moments in books and regurtitating what you describe to yourself (not a real empath) can only be termed as ‘dillusional’. Most internet trolls are kids who come up for air during gaming – their heads being in their gadgets instead of education and purpose. Most problems with the world are fake illusions and boredom. Nobody needs to escape from anywhere. It is all on your own doorstep if you take time to enjoy your own space. And for all the dumb asses that wait for an opportunity to get off on blaming everyone else for their own shortfalls – you’re time will come in another life as you are screwing up this one with your acts of revenge. To detract the energy of those inflicted by or with jealousy and greed bringing misery to those earning an honest and humble way. We are no other’s slave. You do what ‘you’ need to be true to your goals. You pick up litter even if it is not your own. We teach by showing a better way – we do not learn by being bitter and negative.

Tiffany. X

my kids were skaters and stuff

These are hard times and we don’t know what the future holds – but we never have anyway. The good news for me last week is Panda and Vicky had their second baby ‘a boy’ and we are so thrilled for them. My youngest son is a god father to their first. I was so emotional when I found out.

My youngest son during his time in Blackpool pushed his boundaries and structured so many great little designs in Blackpool, working closely with Blackpool Council and the planning department, as we had plans drawn up specifically for the project. Now he returns to Leeds and has the confidence to build furniture for landlords so that tenants have comfy rooms in accordance with health and safety. He has his wings.

When my kids were very young they used to build skate ramps and loads of other stuff out of old bits of wood. They became semi pro sk8’rs and I was so proud. I would drive them all over The Midlands to enter comps. It wasn’t winning or anything like that. I was taking part, the music, the sound of wheels hitting the ply wood. I loved it and it became a huge part of my social life. Eventually they got sponsored and didn’t have to pay for their clothes etc. (This saved me money … lol).

I have been working hard. You can never totally switch off. There’s always problems but we have to remind ourselves each of us is only responsible for our own journeys and to be thankful for what we have going on. Education is so important, to keep learning and progressing as individuals and there is education everywhere. We just have to think about ideas and progress with people around us who are like-minded. Bitterness and jealousy are worthless emotions. I had to add a photo of this woman. She is one hell of a determined person and has made me laugh so much today. Josie is Dutch. She is from The Netherlands. Has a muslim son who lives in Brazil, he owns a hotel too.

Mum (Tiff) X