Being Different – Being Fed Up. Just one of those days … Heartache in the world #diary #moodiness

Bit depressed today. I have spells like this where I sink into a bit of despair. Yesterday, in Birmingham I visited a spot where many homeless reside. I was on my way to see River Dance at The Symphony Hall. There were flowers and candles for the boy who died taking that awful drug from hell ‘Spice.’ I said a little prayer. I took some photographs but they’re on my phone for my blog – will put here later. RIP lad. X

I just feel down in the dumps as I am misunderstood and all I want to do is show people how to lead a simple life without all the hate and nastiness. I fall into a cycle of ‘defence’ when I look at ego and I have to mend myself when I go there. I react to it and that’s just what they want. Their circle is growing and it’s broke my heart. Someone I valued has joined their hate campaign. A brother – comrade. I was wrong! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

I have spent my life rescuing all kinds of animals (hands on in the real world) and will continue to do so. Not many people can say that, I don’t boast but I have no bones about my volunteer work. Much of what I do goes not only unpaid but unnoticed, I do it for God. It matters to me. I love the divine and always have done. I won’t denounce my root of origin and nor should any of you!

So for anyone who is going to bully me (online even further) for adopting a doggy that was born into a loving home with both parents presents ( belonging to a long term friend who is an absolute Angel) where my doggy will be able to go see her real fur Mummy and Daddy as often as she wishes and live in the same village as her siblings too. Anyone who is offended by that is truly a ‘me’ hater and I send you light. She was born the same hour Foley died. I did not go looking for her. She found me. It’s a miracle I don’t want to put my private life on here just yet. I believe a part of Foley is reborn. I saw him in her. This is the cycle of natural life. I see it a lot. If you don’t then perhaps your eyes are closed. You are not awake? But don’t hurt me for seeing good.

I must stop feeling the need to defend myself, it will hinder my joy. I’m disappointed today. There’s so much darkness out there. Yet much more good, I have love around me. Together we must deflect the nasty stuff and send rainbows of happiness their way. To remind ‘self’ life is a balance of all kinds of folk. We have to love and learn from their malice and try to heal them distantly.

Here is a little boy who is a volunteer at a Steam Railway in Yorkshire (more photographs and fundraising soon.) I hope life treats him well for his service. I hope he stays close to good folk and doesn’t get treated badly for being different. It’s a dark place sometimes.

I ask if you are not a friend or part of my family or a volunteer, healer or rescuer please go away and let me at least have a blog to express my time here on Earth with my blogging community who understand that I am an OK person. I try my best, perhaps do something in your community today. Social Media is man-made, it’s not real. Blogging is more sophisticated it requires open expression not restricted. It’s an essential format for artists and travellers who are able to heal with expression.



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4 thoughts on “Being Different – Being Fed Up. Just one of those days … Heartache in the world #diary #moodiness

  1. So sorry you’ve had to deal with a troll(s). Many times they are just misguided folks… sometimes they are truly rotten fruit.
    No one has any right to judge you on what you do in your life, especially when it has no bearing on anyone else’s life.
    I hope you and your new puppy are getting on well. I do believe souls do come back to us, sooner or later. Perhaps there is a bit of Foley in her? I’m sure you’ll find that bit soon 😉
    As for now, try to not listen to the haters. They have too much time on their hands. Enjoy your puppy! I can’t wait to see a photo of her! 😚

    1. Thank you. It was a bad day I’m ok now. It was my fault for looking at it. I worry more for some of the children being bullied. Bullies use their audience and following to stampede people often by using back-handed games and spitefulness. Where as I believe in speaking face to face – a bully will avoid that situation. Leave them to it. They come from their own hurt. I get cross with myself for standing up to them, it is exactly what they want. It’s only a couple and their entourage of sheep. Glad my relationships are full of love and abundance. Less is More. X

  2. Thank you for your writings and photos Tiffany – and for all you do for the lost and the underdogs in this world. What you do for the animals is such a display of sweet love. That is how you were made…don’t ever change!!

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