slug and soup #diary

This month, so far, I’ve been to Coventry, Lutterworth, Wales and Leeds. I feel as though I’m a snail chugging along, with a load of junk in my shell and two tiny dogs skipping beside me. I seem to collect things as I travel around too. I leave with a couple of suitcases, then return with twice the amount, despite not actually going shopping for any of it!?

Talking of snails, I have a slug that keeps getting into the kitchen. I get a big spoon and put him back outside. Next night I repeat this. When I returned home, I found him dead, all shrivelled up on the kitchen floor. I have no idea why he wanted to keep getting in? More so, how was he getting in?? Poor thing. An irrelevant tale, but I’ve felt quite sad about it. It proves nature can sometimes give us the wrong sense of direction. Trying to work it out?

Anyway, changing the subject, here’s some tomato soup I am making today. Big ambitions. I suppose, simple things please simple minds … I hold up my hands.


Tiffy. X

5 thoughts on “slug and soup #diary

      1. to you too. and it’s good to travel, even if you end up lugging double what you took. my mother always tells me to take only one book bag and fill it with necessary accessories – because i’ll always come back with extra luggage no matter what.

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