we are born to love

When we are fortunate enough to live in a free society. We equally have ‘free’ will and I believe everything that happens to us can be turned to a positive experience when we realise what we have and not what we went through to get there. To love. To move forward. WE are all leaving our blue-prints. It would be a beautiful scenario if we turned to those less fortunate and offered them a hand-up from where we once walked.

Love is the highest frequency of all. It is the only thing that matters. TBH

I believe there is no real’ evil. Just lost souls caught in cycles of ego and greed, going nowhere, living nowhere. No destination. No knowledge of abundance. So they work to steal the light of others. But you can’t steal love, it never breaks. For real love is pure and unconditional.

I can remember the feeling when I saw my sons as they left my mortal body. Neither were particularly beautiful at that point. They’d just had a difficult journey from my belly down through my body into the world. It is said ‘birth’ and ‘death’ are the two most traumatic things we ever under-go. So wouldn’t it be perfect if we made the most of the bit in the middle.

Stay with the light. Always tell the truth. Stay close the people who love you. Less is More. We all have an Angel. I really do believe this. It will keep your spirits bright knowing you are never alone. That something much bigger than this is your umbrella of hope and salvation. No matter where in the world we are. We can keep talking with our conscious acts of love. Letting go. Being one. Being free. Staying in focus with all that is good and bright for the ‘bit in between.’

Being kind is not slavery. Being kind is chivalry and if that offends others. Move away. Move on and be true to your unique pathway. For when you find your purpose you will be happy with nature, free land and most of all your inner karmic law.

Nobody can hurt you unless you give them permission. Or unless they wish you physical damage. And no man has the right to that. Acts of hate diminish into black holes, never to return. Be thankful for this. I promise you, one day it will be alright. Do nothing from fear. Fear is not your keeper. Keep it tight. Keep it simple and you will find your purpose.

It could be picking flowers, making boxes or saving stamps. We each have our crafts and that’s a blessing.


2 thoughts on “we are born to love

  1. Hello my dear Tiffany,

    this is one of your best posts.I agree with you, that nobody can hurt us unless we give them permission. I like to say that if someone can hurt us that is our weakness not their strength !

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