If you do one thing in Leeds over the festive period – go see ‘Aladdin’ it’s crazy! By Tiffany Belle Harper #review

From the 24th November right through until January 7th brings Leeds the ‘must see’ panto for Christmas and the coming new year! ‘Aladdin’ with a twist! It’s a musical where the actors are also the band. Probably one of the quirkiest shows I’ve had the pleasure of visiting to date. A plethora of Motown, Disco and Rock vibes lyrically tell the story of the boy with a magical lamp – where the bustling pace bubbles over into a cheekily camp and very fast witted belly laughing experience. Do click on the images to see the full sized action!


The standard of passion together with instrumental and vocal ability is a must to witness first hand. The actors run around the theatre engaging with the audience. Huge boulders fly from the ceiling!

The costumes are colourfully bohemian, together with a good layering of ostentatious and glittering stage make-up!


City Variety Music Halls is set within the hub of Leeds city centre on a side alley named Swan Street. There’s plenty of pubs, restaurants and bars in the area. Something for everyone!

Leeds by Tiffany Belle Harper

City Varieties Music Hall remains unspoiled by comparison to the often formal and crammed venues of today. The seats are really comfy with plenty of leg room. The vicinity is well ventilated. The staff are just lovely. It’s a home from home experience. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and thank you ever so much for making us feel so welcome and for the shout outs!

All you need to do now is book your tickets here! City Varieties Music Hall 

Tiffany Belle Harper©


2 thoughts on “If you do one thing in Leeds over the festive period – go see ‘Aladdin’ it’s crazy! By Tiffany Belle Harper #review

  1. I remember seeing Barbara Windsor in Aladdin at The Hippodrome when I was really young. She was considered a sex symbol back then and I remember looking at her through opera glasses. Pervy little sod.

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