The Road to Freedom – #DogBus Project – Dogs, Cats and animals facing death in shelters UK.

The DogBus Project founded by Kristyn Adams is an appeal to raise funds for its first pet transportation that can hold over 10 crates that will transport healthy animals from kill shelters around the UK to safety. The DogBus can also be used for general hire by ALL rescues and pet transportation services in the UK. Please take a couple of precious minutes to read this full article. WE NEED YOU!

The DogBus will save time – fuel and most importantly the lives of animals. I am going to be trustee to the charity that is currently in its early stages.

Kristyn Adams has built a reputable reputation in the animal welfare and rescue circuits, covering many years of commitment to rescue as a volunteer. Kristyn drives up and down the country using her own car assisting rescues with pick ups and drop offs. She also helps re-home primarily dogs and is a volunteer for a local dog charity in Coventry.

In addition, she is training with St John’s Ambulance and gives her time freely to help with first aid too.

It is Kristyn’s goal to achieve the full funds for the first vehicle and as time grows to create a fleet of van’s to assist rescues and rescuers/transporters, all over the UK.



Any funds left-over will be held within the balance for future expense i.e. fuel, upkeep and the next van for the project. A small hire cost may be charged by those who loan the DogBus to purchase the next vehicle. This project is 100% non-profit.

It is Kris’s sole aim to help save lives faster and more effectively. And …. here’s the adorable Kristyn Adams and Alan her  precious hound who is always by her side.


We seek generous people to give with open hearts. Also (and equally important) volunteers to help spread the word, assisting us get this off the ground as soon as possible – so that lives can saved in greater volume.

Great! Let’s get started with the van. Cost 14K then we as a collective of animal lovers can raise further funds for the fittings, crates and insurance etc. This means raising funds in 3 tiers as above displayed in links.

To donate for the van please click here. (Every penny counts.) You may donate anonymously if you prefer.  

Links to DogBus as below:-

DogBus Twitter

 DogBus Website (with lots of information)

Donate directly to PayPal Here (bypass GoFundMe and go straight to PayPal.)

We respect your privacy and all contact is treated as confidential. PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT ACCEPT FUNDS FOR DOGBUS. ALL DONATIONS MUST GO DIRECTLY TO THE PROJECT.

We will endeavour to keep you updated with progress of The DogBus Project step by step. This is an opportunity for all to get involved and enjoy seeing images and news of the progress made for animal welfare up and down the UK via social media! Stay close – stay tuned!

If you are in a good financial position please dig deep. Do something wonderful for the animals. This is primarily for dogs but without exception the bus can hold crates for cats, smaller critters and used as space for small breeds too. The possibilities are limitless.

I am really excited about this. I too will be a volunteer. I will drive the DogBus and help Kris all I can in my spare time. Thank you so much in advance. Kindness really does make our lives more worthwhile. There’s nothing more rewarding than reaching out and helping the less fortunate. Be a voice for the voiceless. I know we can ALL DO THIS. It may take time but there is a goal, an objective. Lives to be saved. Please do help. Spread the news. Rescues all over the UK are in desperate need of the DogBus. This is a NON-PROFIT venture. You have peace of mind knowing that every single penny you donate goes to help dogs and other species like the ones in the photograph below of Kristyn’s own car!

Let’s join together and give them a Road to Freedom!


Tiffany Belle Harper.

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