When my Dog died in my arms. The #DogBus Appeal and what it will do to help


When a dog dies in your arms the power of love becomes more prevailing than everything else. The crossing from earthly life to something changed and higher. Many call Rainbow Bridge.

When my doggy took his last breath, there was a small moment when he was afraid. His eyes dazed directly to mine. As though he were saying, ‘I don’t want to leave you.’ The connection between us, I will take everywhere. He was 21 but age is irrelevant. Anyone who loses a pet will feel the loss, as I am now. It hurts but I have such fond memories.


This has only strengthened our desire here at UKRescueConnect to help raise funds for the dogbus appeal. Thousands of cats and dogs in pounds all over the UK are waiting to die (and indeed billions around the world.) Animals know. They sense it. They are pure and innocent and should…

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