To not fear light but to manifest all that is pure by Tiffany Belle Harper #diary #travel

Tomorrow I travel to Lutterworth – Leicestershire to visit a very special person who works with Angel energy. In my entire experience, never have I met anyone quite so evolved in such naturalness. This energy is pure and to be taken with love and an unconditional non-biased heartfulness. I am open and ready to encounter the exquisite gifts bestowed to me, by my comrade.

We met through a family bond. She works in attunement with many years of knowledge in the key factors, essences, colour and messages from 144 Solar Angels – 12 of which being Archangels (to my knowledge so far … there’s much to learn!) Their energy is already used and experienced by many around the world without ‘necessarily’ being fully qualified or trained but more so ‘awake.’ Then there are those in need of healing.

But before such work can take place it is for the individual to let in light, love and purity without distress of what this life force energetical manifestation will do for our free will – combined, with trust, in the divine. We are one. Ego cannot serve us. Confidence is not the same as ego. Ego lies and it betrays. We can all have esteem. We should not be held back and we should not fear the now. It is about finding the place where we belong to do our work with love around us with truth and purpose. For the higher resolution.

I want to learn what is expected of me to do the best for my highest and best self. There is love, everywhere for us all … can you feel it?

I shall bring more news soon over at ElegantHippyUK


The photograph above is a tulip taken from the garden today. It is true that everything has an epicentre. Unfortunately, many of us walk so quickly we miss the origin. For when we connect with mind, body and soul, every day is festive. We see more. Our sensories become fully active. All combinations of our instinctual chemistry should be used in combination where one sense can support the other in times of difficulty. And then all of our sensories can rise as one together when we triumph in ‘self’ harmony.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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