The worthless life of capitalistic relationships

Playing safe in a stagnant relationship was better to her than being free. For the thought of him finding ‘his true peace’ killed her so much she couldn’t sleep at night. That’s not love but more ‘resentment.’ Tragic.

A kidnap of cowardness – guised in media, fame and money. It ate her so much, she wrote about it for a living but only in a fictional way – for she’d no real life experience (they seldom do.)

Persecuting those she envied most behind a screen of twisted broken glass. And as the money poured in she slept even less. Cursed by her own greed and control.

No wonder… oh no wonder.

Everything suffered not because of her – but, more she he couldn’t walk away. Locked together in an artificial ivory tower, they just made the most of it. Two sets of jaded green eyes with nowhere they called ‘home.’ Bitter – angry … lies at every corner and many sharp corners were they.

It’s just another ‘fake’ example of how to be. It’s pretty repulsive but so many duped – it drives them on – to where?

Why pay for a garden – you never own land. Freedom is the greatest wealth – nothing can tame it. Let the twisted folk be – for money serves nothing in the ego driven land of promise. It’s here, now, in your soul – we are one. Less is More. No one can fake it 24/7 be a media cat, a traveller by jet – these things aren’t real.

Strip naked – take a look in the mirror. Love what you see beyond a conformed diet for skinny clothes or find your inner demons and face the consequence before it’s too late.

Tiffany Belle Harper©

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