‘Imagine’ a road to freedom

Imagine living in a ‘mindset’ where gossip becomes a priority. Relying on third hand opinions and pointless tales.

Imagine an obsession where the target of your anguish is the first thing you consider when you wake in the night.

Imagine a world where you rely on false news streams to conclude an opinion – where the business of others takes presidency over your own.

Imagine a life that takes note of poison pens and back stabbing with no purpose, resolve or conclusion.

Imagine how it must feel to be lost in the lies of your own making.

Speak face to face – nip your circuit of spite in the root before you tangle yourself in everlasting weeds.

It’s a sunny place on the road to freedom – be happy with all that you choose around you.

We are all one – life is very beautiful. Too good to be trapped in false thought cycles.

(Photograph by me of the stunning Yorkshire Dales © )



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