poisonous mud

Quietly Quirky

We can be in as many places as we so desire in any format. Surprisingly it’s the ‘vindictive’ that ‘often’ deem transparency. For they’re scared. Fearing colourfulness, freedom and craft surpassing their own ‘vindictive’ appeal of ‘let’s be them.’ Or in the mud dwellers case, ‘let’s be that.’

Watch you don’t fall into the pages of the pit of your own stomach origami. It’ll eat you alive. (Perhaps it already is?)

You know … munching you up from the inside out – like a spritely bug on a grainy salad leaf, you forgot to wash. You were too busy planning the next chapter to focus on the plate – now it’s eating you back.

Have you no idea the carnage your deeds have trailed? You’ve more in common with little creepy things than you can ever comprehend. You utterly sadistic fool.

I never knew until ‘I did’ … you’re not…

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