media is ‘without a doubt’ dated #diary

No wonder younger people aren’t watching television anymore or subscribing to entertainment channels. It is the same old faces going round and round again. There’s so much young and vibrant talent out there that need the platform. More so the platform needs them! I read such amazing blogs and then look at what is available commercially and there’s just no comparison to the utter rubbish for which we seem to have little control.

Then there’s those over exposed famous prats who use their position or influence to scour blogs and other online resources to fabricate material (without due permission) within their own. Never giving honest credit to the real source. Where’s the job satisfaction in that? I suppose the money they make. Just makes it all even more unbearable for the amazing artists out there who really are so much more gifted.

One day I believe this will change and become more vetted. But for now I suppose society just has to swallow it. It is a pity the major channels and publishers cannot see this. They’re losing out. Media is faded, dated and repetitive. Most of the people I know listen to music as opposed to switching on the TV. Far less biased and much more freedom.

The 80’s vibe is a novelty for those who cannot remember it. But I was there and I am sick of seeing the same old muppets banging on about the same old shit. No wonder so many of them feel they have to take what others are creating. But what a mess they get away with it. TBH©

4 thoughts on “media is ‘without a doubt’ dated #diary

  1. Very true Tiffany.
    Rock-stars still trying to pretend they are in their 20s while churning out puerile ‘stuff’.
    Pointless individuals being paid large sums for ‘conning’ gullible subscribers into thinking they are ‘just some of the boys’ having fun.
    Happily the sub-cultures have more access to appreciative audiences through a myriad of ways. I wish them all well.

      1. On a pile of ego and money Tiffany. And if they have a legacy it will not be the one they hoped for.

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