Jealousy is a worthless emotion. Video during spiritual teaching by Tiffany Belle Harper

Jealousy is a worthless yet unavoidable emotion that we as humans are given to deal with.  Jealousy causes hardship and unnecessary pain in our lives. It can control relationships and tear families apart.  We should all learn to take the right steps to find absolute harmony in our soul groups. To let go of detrimental control of the negative.

We should try to choose life connections that will not take us on a journey of pain and anguish. To feel proud of our decisions, working environment and family orientation without greed or ego guised as ‘jealousy.’

Love is Everything and temptation will find ways to bring down those glorious walls. Mainstream media imposing super human expectations on how we should appear, act, behave.

Each of us are truly and absolutely beautiful, we are leaving our blue prints on Earth. We do not need the detriments of darkness to join us on that journey for ‘self.’

Twin flames will be feeling extreme energy from all places. This is the time as spoken by higher realms to focus and hold tightly on the light path towards enlightenment. The world has changed, time has changed. I urge all those who are spiritually aware to be wide awake. We are being tested. The outcome will be magnificent if we are able to relinquish control and trust in absolute love. To be at one with ‘The Divine’ – ‘Chi.’


Tiffany Belle Harper.

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