Mandarin, Cucumber and Coconut Juice #VitaminC delicious, nutritious … #Recipe

Vitamin C for darker nights. Coconut water good for bones. Try this juice recipe, it’s lovely!


Serves approx 4.

3 mandarin oranges (peeled)

2 inches of cucumber (chopped)

1 cup of coconut water

2 cups of apple juice

2 broccoli florets


Blend and serve with ice – add sparkling water to taste! (Add a few fresh mint leaves too if you’ve some handy).


Tiffany Belle Harper.

12 thoughts on “Mandarin, Cucumber and Coconut Juice #VitaminC delicious, nutritious … #Recipe

      1. Absolutely ! I will let u know , for sure.
        I live in the southern part of India. Coconut is grown in abundance & exported to different states. It’s really cheap here. I drink it’s water. It’s really sweet. I love to eat it raw. They are available throughout the year.
        Sizes are also big enough.

      2. I use cumin, coriander, mustard seeds and chilli powder. I infuse them the night before with some salt in olive oil to make a paste. The next day I add tomatoes and onion fry. Add stock, water chick peas then spinach at very end. Really delicious. I serve with pitta and fries or rice and chapati xx

      3. Thanks for such an enlightened tip. I will use this idea from u , next time I cook something interesting. Your cooking I’d mature , and you have a great taste & great understanding of aroma & spices. It’s a chef like you who makes her dish contemporary & special. Thanks for sharing some useful tips I didn’t know. This is going to help a great deal in my cooking.

      4. Thanks Fatma. I love world food. If you do happen to post a traditional menu on your blog please let me know and I will certainly try. I am going to read your blog too now. I have not updated myself on here for many weeks. A cold night in the UK where I am reading and crafting. I hope things are ok with you? 🙂

      5. I will surely do that my dearest friend. U will be the first one to get updated. I have faith in you. And I love u as much as I do to my mother. Take care of your health while you multitask yourself. I don’t want u to fall ill. It’s approaching winter here. So it’s cold at nights.
        Tonight is little torturous here.
        I wish to talk to u more , but it’s getting late here.
        I hope to see u with a fresh morning , and a fresh start of day!
        Do keep in touch.
        It was a pleasant talking to u.
        Thank u once again..
        Love, 💕

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