Malham and Malhamdale – Yorkshire Dales

All nature is exquisite at any given time of year. But there’s something exceptionally magical about Malham Cove. It’s a beautiful place to explore. I’d love a nest there one day. There’s a fairy wood, waterfalls, limestone rocks and a beautiful mountain to climb. It’s as though you can see all of the world from the top of Gordale Scar. The gorgeous dog was just a fleeting guest, by the way!


16 thoughts on “Malham and Malhamdale – Yorkshire Dales

      1. It is perfect, that’s why i don’t know why people dislike the rain – we need it to keep things green!
        I’m good thanks, you’re well I trust? xo

      2. I love the rain. I am good. Writing. It’s going well – but digging deep – so … it is also a little draining. So many photographs to share of recent travels too. I don’t know where to start! Lucy Brazier is a diamond. She is there (online) in the background jogging me along. I don’t know how to ever repay her!

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