The true goddess inspires talent with no need for more


Photograph taken in Hall Park – Horsforth – Leeds. Such beautiful colours all year round. Every tree’s a Goddess.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

9 thoughts on “The true goddess inspires talent with no need for more

    1. A good woman is hard to find. Having bloody nightmare Roger. Spent nearly 700 getting car repaired then just got in to go pick up a present and it’s not starting. The lights are on ie break lights, battery etc. Just had to call the AA out again! I am SO ANGRY !!! They must have fitted the alternator wrong?

      1. So sorry to read that Tiffany. Things are fine if they work properly but can indeed be a nightmare if they don’t. Hope you are able to get that sorted soon.
        Best wishes

      2. Very glad to read it was sorted for you Tiffany. You were quite entitled to rant. (Two days ago You should have heard what I called our printer when it paper-jammed at a very urgent time)
        We’re ok thanks, the usual Christmas Eve tradition of still lots of little bits and pieces to be done!

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